Fig 1.


Avenue™ Performance LLC, recommends installation of all its custom steering wheel and products to be performed by a qualified professional installer. This guide is merely informative and for reference only. Installation on each vehicle is different and Avenue™ Performance is not liable for any damages or possible injuries or accidents due to improper installation, bad judgment and act of nature, God, Allah, Jehovah, etc.

Avenue™ custom painted steering wheel, like most aftermarket steering wheels require a hub adapter for installation. A quick release is an optional part that allows easy removal of the steering wheel, see Fig 1. All Avenue™ steering wheels are compatible with most hub manufacturers like WorksBell, MOMO, Sparco, Grant, NRG and Nardi to name a few. Avenue™ steering wheels have a 70mm PDC six bolt pattern where top hole/ hole 1 is on the 90 degree location and it should be aligned straight with the wheels and tires of your car (see Fig 2). The same reference exists on most hub adapters where an alignment dot is located on the 90 degree location as well to match the straight alignment of your wheels and tires on your car.   


Fig 2

We recommend using the alignment dot to first install your hub adapter. Do not force the hub into the spline of the steering column shaft to avoid damage to it. Secured hub by tighten center nut. Install your Avenue™ steering wheel on to your hub adapter using the hardware provided with Avenue™ steering wheel set.